Here at Schrock Overhead Door, we have a vast amount of beautiful and sturdy Residential Garage Doors that will fit any type, size or color home. We have built a strong reputation for ourselves over the years as Michiana's Best Residential Garage Door Company due to our quality products and our promise of great customer service. Our certified technicians' number one concern is the safety of your home, your family, your property and your belongings. Because of this, each job is completed with perfection and the highest quality of professionalism.



Our Installation process is simple and quick, making it easy for all Michiana homeowners.
Initially, we will have a consultation to make sure that we fully understand what your wants and needs are so that we can give you an accurate quote before the Installation process actually begins. We will then start Installing. Because of the years of professional experience under our toolbelts, Installing a new Residential Garage Door will be swift and easy, promising that you can enjoy your new Overhead Door sooner than ever expected.
For any questions regarding our Residential Garage Door Installation Services,
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We typically respond to each and every one of our inquiries within 2-3 business days, but often sooner for your convenience and we always provide the highest quality of products to our Michiana Residents.



Garage Door Repairs are sometimes inevitable as a garage is often one of the places in a home that gets "banged up" the most. From accidentally hitting a Garage Door with your vehicle or a track all of the suddenly stopping working, we understand that these things happen. That is exactly why we have a team of licensed Garage Door Repair professionals so that we can fix your Overhead Door problems as soon as they arise.
No matter what the problem may be, call us today at 574.825.4325 to see what we can do for you.



Each home is different and people are vastly unique... meaning that when it comes to your Garage Door, sometimes we want something that fits us as an individual. That's where our Custom Designed Residential Garage Doors come in. From sizes and colors to material and design, we at Schrock Overhead Door are always excited to sit down with both new and existing customers to find out exactly what it is that they are looking for in a Custom Designed Garage Door.
As a reminder, big and small we do it all! So no matter what it is that you are dreaming up, here at Schrock we can do it!
To see some of our previously designed Custom Residential Garage Doors, check out our
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